This is for you to better know me before stepping in.

I think the short bio you can read on my profile page is not enough to take a decision whether to visit me or not. If you've already visited me, this is a nice way to let you know more*.

Please, be aware this is not a portfolio site, but a personal one. So take some time to read my lines. They express my feelings, my thoughts... And try to let your heart breath with me for a while...

Life is meant to be beautiful, it is only us, humans, we turn it ugly or unsatisfying!

* If this is the first time you decide yourself to join me, and you are new to CC, then when signing-up, would you, please, be so kind and mention my  nickname, BlueZephyr, when or if prompted. Thank you!

And rest assured, I do show my appreciation to my loyal ones!





















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